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 Fan Q&A with Lindsey Shaw

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Date d'inscription : 19/10/2012
Age : 27
Localisation : Toulouse

MessageSujet: Fan Q&A with Lindsey Shaw   Ven 18 Jan - 0:41

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QUESTION: What do you and Paige have in common?
LINDSEY: I think Paige and I are both on an internal quest for reinvention. Paige has had so many chapters in her character arc. I feel like I have changed in the same way the past few years, and I think it's going to be a constant process.

QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Are you a “Paily” fan?
LINDSEY: As one half of Paily, I'm a huge Paily fan!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite moment from season 3B?
LINDSEY: My favorite moment from season 3B happens in tonight's episode! We see Paige and Emily have a very intense, heated moment. Paige's post traumatic stress reaches a climax... so watch!

QUESTION: Will we be seeing more of Paige this season?
LINDSEY: Yes, you will be seeing more of her! After she gets over her PTSD, she teams up with an unlikely companion to battle "A" so stay tuned!

QUESTION: Will we see how Paige deals with having been kidnapped?
LINDSEY: Absolutely, that is Paige's main theme for this season. We get to see some really vulnerable moments from her, and Emily steps in, and we get to see her be there for her woman!

QUESTION: Who's the biggest practical joker on set?
LINDSEY: Ashley Benson a.k.a. AshBenzo!

QUESTION: How would you describe Paige's character development over the seasons? And, what advice would you give to those who are also having trouble with their sexuality, like Paige had earlier on?
LINDSEY: Paige has developed the courage to be who she really is over the past few seasons. She went from scared and shy and bullying to brave and courageous. To people having questions or confusions about your sexuality--don't run from the feeling. Be honest with yourself, treat yourself with kindness and know that you are never alone.

QUESTION: Have you ever been to England?! (England Shawsters love you!)
LINDSEY: I have been to London one time for one week. But I was working on a video game ADR, so I didn't get to see London. But I'd love to go back and see all my English Shawsters!

QUESTION: What’s your favorite “Paily” scene?
LINDSEY: My favorite Paily scene is from the Halloween episode when they get that nice, intimate moment before all that chaos starts on the Halloween train. It was just a really sweet moment!

QUESTION: What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?
LINDSEY: Cupcakes are my favorite dessert! Red velvet is my favorite...obviously! Followed by peanut butter.

QUESTION: Do you watch episodes of PLL when they air? Can’t wait to see you tonight!
LINDSEY: Aww...thank you! I do watch episodes of PLL when they air, but not with anybody at first.

QUESTION: Can you tell us one secret about Paige?
LINDSEY: She secretly would love to go back to the red bob hairdo!!

QUESTION: What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
LINDSEY: Nothing and old takeout unfortunately. I am not a grocery shopper.

QUESTION: What was the last movie you went to see?
LINDSEY: The last movie I went to see was Life of Pi. It was great!

QUESTION: How do you think Paige feels about Mona’s return? PS – You’re awesome.
LINDSEY: Paige remains pretty isolated this season, so I don't know if she's totally thinking about Mona's return, but she's totally committed to stopping "A"!

QUESTION: Very important question: Can you rap?
LINDSEY: Absolutely! Any day, any time.

QUESTION: Besides Paily, who’s your favorite couple on PLL?
LINDSEY: I think my favorite couple is Ezra and Aria. It's just an epic, romantic love story. I love it!

QUESTION: What’s been your favorite outfit that Paige has worn?
LINDSEY: It has either been the speedo or either of her suits from the season two finale or the Halloween episode!

QUESTION: If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
LINDSEY: Shawshanked

QUESTION: Do you keep in touch with anyone from 10 Things I Hate About You?
LINDSEY: I keep in touch with Meaghan Jette Martin, my sweet, sweet sister, Bianca!

QUESTION: Would you ever shave all of your hair off for a role?
LINDSEY: Yes. Not for just any role. It all grows back! We learned that from the bob!

QUESTION: If you didn't become a celebrity, what everyday occupation would you have liked?
LINDSEY: I think I would have done some kind of humanitarian work. Maybe in the Peace Corps or going around helping.

QUESTION: If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?
LINDSEY: I would choose to be their jester!

QUESTION: What was emotionally the hardest scene you’ve ever shot?
LINDSEY: I would actually have to say tonight's episode. The climax of everything from the 3A finale and being kidnapped--it's definitely the most intense episode I've done from Pretty Little Liars and even in general.

QUESTION: Describe your cast mates in one word: Troian, Ashley, Shay, Lucy, Keegan.
Troian: Brilliant
Ashley: Wild
Shay: Joyous
Lucy: Determined
Keegan: Care free

QUESTION: How does it feel to be a role model for so many people? Because I’m telling you, you’re an amazing role model! All the charities you’re involved in and the support you show for the LGBT community is awesome!
LINDSEY: It's a great honor to get a chance to contribute love, understanding and happiness to the LGBT community. It's one of the greatest experiences of my career so far.

QUESTION: Do you realize a lot of European Shawsters are up at 1:30am only for you? We love you! Xoxo
LINDSEY: You're insomniacs just like me! I didn't know that, but I'll look for you on the Twitter-sphere late night!

QUESTION: How tall are you?

QUESTION: Does Paige have a dark side?
LINDSEY: Yes, I think we've all witnessed Paige's dark side from the very first moment when she tried to drown a certain somebody...Emily.

QUESTION: Should Paige be nervous about being Emily's girlfriend? It didn't turn out so well for Maya! Haha.
LINDSEY: No, no! Paige should not be nervous as Emily's girlfriend! No! They're in love.

QUESTION: Who's the better swimmer in real life? You or Shay?
LINDSEY: As much as I hate to admit this, it's Shay. That girl is like a torpedo. She swims so fast that I struggle to keep up with her!

QUESTION: What's been the most rewarding part of your PLL experience so far?
LINDSEY: Meeting Shay Mitchell! She's a beautiful person, and we just share a great friendship.

QUESTION: How are Gypsy and Lincoln doing?
LINDSEY: Gypsy and Lincoln are doing perfectly fine. They asked if they could come today, but I left them at home today.

QUESTION: Who is your inspiration/role model?
LINDSEY: My inspiration is the fans! Inspiration comes from getting up every day and not getting the recognition for it, so my inspiration is the fan

QUESTION: How do you define "happiness"?
LINDSEY: I define happiness as practice. Practice being happy and know that being sad does not mean being happy.

QUESTION: If the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today?
LINDSEY: I would walk around naked.

QUESTION: Hi Lindsey, I follow you on twitter and instagram and I think you're great! What do you like about social media and being able to connect with fans with it?
LINDSEY: The thing I like about social media is that it's instant. You can respond, help, be there any time, any day. It brings everybody together and connects you with the world.

QUESTION: What's a song you never get tired of?
LINDSEY: "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman

QUESTION: Paige and Spencer are quite alike; do you think they could ever become friends?
LINDSEY: Yes, I think they can become friends. I think with more time and more trust that they will become friends.

QUESTION: Do you ever struggle with remembering your lines? Thanks for talking to us today. You’re my favorite actress! I want to be an actress because of you!!
LINDSEY: Aww! Do it--you got it! I don't have a hard time with my lines most of the time. There are a couple sentences that you wouldn't even think would be hard but sometimes you get caught up in your mind. But usually, no.

QUESTION: Get ready for the hardest question yet: What is your favorite color? Inquiring minds want to know.
LINDSEY: Pink. Pink. Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink!

QUESTION: What is Paige’s best quality?
LINDSEY: Resilience. Perseverance.

QUESTION: Were you a swimmer before you got cast as Paige?
LINDSEY: No, but I have spent a lot of time in the pool.

QUESTION: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has asked you to sign?
LINDSEY: Their skin--their forehead. I think it's weird just because it's got to come off at some point.

QUESTION: It’s almost PLL time!! Can you give us any last minute teases for tonight’s episode? I can’t wait!
LINDSEY: It's definitely a big episode for Emily and Paige! You get some "Paily" moments along with some scary and drama moments!

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Fan Q&A with Lindsey Shaw

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